ATDI is a global leader in the development and implementation of automated spectrum management systems, whose expertise extends to software development, spectrum engineering and management.

ATDI is evolving its product line to an open-source web architecture which is attracting a great deal of interest from the telecommunications industry. Their software tools are technology-agnostic, incorporate the latest propagation models and are ITU-compliant.

ATDI draws from a wealth of experience of the radiocommunications industry and uses this to offer superior value consultancy services. The duality of both software and expertise means that ATDI is in a unique position when it comes to understanding complex customer requirements relating to spectrum regulation, occupancy and management. ATDI’s extensive knowledge and experience in spectrum engineering is supported by a unique understanding of the latest ‘industry’ thinking and methodology, enabling them to tackle the most complex tasks.

The ATDI group currently supports 2000 customers worldwide including over 90 spectrum regulation authorities. ATDI’s development and integration teams are located in USA, UK, France, South America, Poland, Australia, Ukraine, India, Russia and Canada. ATDI is currently managing more than 15 spectrum management projects in 14 countries.

ATDI is a french company.


ATDI corporate brochure


ATDI designs, develops and publishes software focused on radioplanning, spectrum management, monitoring, digital cartography, network design and optimization.

The Company has developed a range of software and services that covers business areas ranging from the production of cartographic information in two or three dimensions to the complete management of radio communication networks and infrastructures.

ATDI has also developed consultancy services to satisfy all technical needs and constraints and put its know how and expertise at the service of its customers by offering customised solutions.

Today the company is one of the world market leaders for turnkey solutions in planning radio networks and management of frequencies.

Amongst others, applications include:

  • Network design

  • Radioplanning and optimization

  • Spectrum management and spectrum monitoring

  • Transmission networks

  • Digital cartography

  • Communication electronic warfare

  • IT integration

  • Consultancy

ATDI products and services for:

  • telecom operators

  • Regulation authorities

  • Broadcasters

  • Equipment suppliers and integrators

  • Security and Police services

  • Forces