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ICS online

Share your network and radio planning on the Cloud
ATDI introduces ICS online - a seamless way of sharing your network and radio planning data online

Are you looking for a solution to share heavy network and radio planning data online with your customers so that you just have to send a URL to your partners? ATDI now offers ICS online that will allow you to make your relevant data accessible anywhere, anytime to the people who need this information.

ICS online is a cloud service that allows:

  • The use of a unique account and associated URL to access the data you decide to share

  • To select whether you want to share your data in a public mode, public restricted mode (only people to whom you send a key can view the data) or in a private mode (login/password protected)

  • To share radio planning data such as coverage, sites, interference, traffic maps, etc resulting from calculations of ATDI radio planning solutions ICS telecomICS designerICS LT and HTZ warfare

  • To access BRIFIC up to date database

  • To use Open Street Map

  • To access user defined WMS servers

  • To export stations and MW

  • To access 20 meters worldwide DTM (available on request)

  • To export the coverage site by site and to display the status of service of each station

  • To upload additional information in form of attachments such as pertinent and related documentation. Your ICS online account can then be used as an FTP repository account to share data with your partners

  • Cloud computing and analysis

  • Path profile

  • Import CSV and automatic SQL table builder and forms

  • White-Space device database

  • TVWS availability database

ICS online is compatible with recent versions of ATDI radio planning solutions: ICS LT V2.0.4, ICS designer V2.0.4, ICS telecom V11.0.4, HTZ warfare V17.0.4 and up.

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ICS online storage capacity:

  • Storage up to 50 Mbytes - FREE

  • Storage up to 1GB – 99 EUR/month

  • Each additional GB – 29 EUR/month

Access to ICS online is provided for free:

  • Over the rental period of any radio planning solution through ICS cloud for online data sharing and geo-redundant storage of up to 50 Mbytes

  • To any existing customer of lifetime licenses of any ATDI solution under maintenance & support contract for online data sharing and geo-redundant storage of up to 50 Mbytes


New App in ICS online: direct access to FM/TV worldwide station database

ICS online now offers direct access to FM/TV stations database, making data utilization and sharing online even more simple and convenient.

From now on ICS online allows to:

  • Export stations in XML format to all ATDI radio-planning solutions including ICS telecom, ICS designer, ICS LT and HTZ warfare

  • Display stations on map and aerial

Check-out a free demo of ICS online here
Login: atdi_sa
PWD: yj7BnGfx
Free demo

FREE demo of ICS online is available here

login: atdi_sa
password: yj7BnGfx

ICS online video presentation