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ICS LT - Discontinued

ATDI introduces its entry-level radio planning tool ICS LT

Coverage Calculation and Microwave Links

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ICS LT is designed to simulate the coverage of all types of radio networks, perform population analysis, coverage analysis and point-to-point profiles.

ICS LT is developed specially to cover the basic radioplanning needs of

  • Broadcasters

  • Telecom equipment makers

  • System integrators

  • Engineering and consultancy firms

ICS LT main features

  • Coverage calculation with a wide range of propagation models

  • Coverage analysis and reports (servers, overlapping, and others)

  • Measure (correlation, tuning, import and others)

  • Microwave-link path budgets

  • Online worldwide maps in real time (internet connection required)

  • Advanced import/export features with just ASCII files or complete databases

A perpetual license of ICS LT includes:

  • ICS LT software license

  • Technical support during 1 year (telephone, email) (*)

  • Maintenance agreement with access to regular software updates during 1 year (*)

  • 1 day per year of software training on ATDI premises (Paris, Moscow, London, Warsaw, Sydney, Washington, Madrid, Mumbai) or on site (excluding travel and living expenses)

  • Bing Maps key

  • Access to Online World wide Builder module during 1 year (*)

  • ICS map server license during 1 year (*)

  • Access to ICS online during 1 year which includes (*):

50 MB of storage (more storage for additional price)
Possibility to upload radio coverage and sites
Data sharing (public or protected by password)
Access to BRIFIC database
Export stations and MW

Free DTM access (20 m USA, 25 m Europe, 50 m other areas)
Free Clutter (builder) (20 m USA, 25 m Europe, 250 m other areas)

(*) : Can be renewed on a yearly basis from the second year following the PO.
ICS LT Features

New features of the latest ICS LT version

Full 3D experience:

  • 3D real time

More capabilities for cartographic elements:

  • Open Street Map

  • Bing address over cursor

  • Clutter 2006 - Resolution 20m now available (Europe)

  • Bing maps access online and offline (Map, Aerials, Aerials + labels, Ordnance Survey and Collins Bart)

  • New MIM/RIM map support

  • Online Worldwide Builder access (worldwide DTM and clutter data)

  • Import BMP 8 bits (indoor projects)

Seamless sharing of heavy radio network reports and data with ICS online

Monthly software rent available via ICS cloud service

Increased performance:

  • 64-bits and 32 bits versions (Unicode and Ansi)

  • Massive parallelism

  • External model wrapping (x64->x86 and x86->x64)

  • New batch report coverage/population

Latest broadcast technologies: DTMB, T-DMB, ISDB-T, DVB-T2

Latest recommendations/propagation models:

  • UK rain zones

  • ITU-R530-14

  • ITU-R1546 (x64)

  • ITU-R1812-2

  • Delta Bullington

Coverage analysis using address files (SHP, CSV, UK addresses..)

Additional formats

  • XML exchange format

  • Improved CSV reports

  • ODBC support (MS Access, Oracle, SQL server, SQL lite)

  • New station and microwave SQL tables

Powerful LTE planning features:

  • RSRP coverage analysis

  • MIMO SD / SU / MU / AAS support

Added-value and optimized radio-planning functions:

  • Microwave link adaptive modulation support

  • Coverage server selector

  • Vector selection improved

  • New coordinate converter

  • HCM antenna builder

Recommended configuration
Memory: 8 GB and more
Storage: 500 GB
Hard drive: SSD 256 GB
Internet access (Map access, ICS online)
Processor: x64 multicore
Graphic card: 2GB, OpenGL compatible, Full HD (1920*1080)
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8

Minimum configuration
Memory: 2 GB and more
Storage: 100 GB
Internet access (Map access, ICS online)
Processor: Multicore
Graphic card: 512 MB, OpenGL compatible, (1200*900 min)
OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8