ATDI brings unprecedented 3D experience to radio planning

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Now experience true 3D radio planning analysis with ATDI radio planning solutions

Would you like to calculate and visualize in 3D electromagnetic fields on building frontage, walls or windows in order to assess exposure and human hazard? Or would you like to protect specific areas for health or security concerns? Or maybe optimize the quality of service on a strategic building?

ATDI is always taking a step ahead towards product development and innovations, providing our customers with the most unrivaled new features and functions. Now ICS telecom, ICS designer and HTZ warfare allow true and accurate 3D calculations and visualization to understand exposure in every point of building structures. In addition, mixed indoor-outdoor projects complement the 3D capabilities allowing the analysis of the propagation of any signal into buildings. This function calculates the power sum of the received signals on building facades.

3D advantages:

  • The ultimate visualization of network coverage
  • Precise coverage analysis at any point/height of the building (façade, indoor) or other object
  • Mixed indoor/outdoor analysis
  • The most optimal way of assessing exposure and human hazard

These groundbreaking 3D capabilities are made available in the version 11 of ICS telecom, version 2 of ICS designer and version 17 of HTZ warfare among numerous and appealing new features.

Contact us to upgrade your tool to the latest version and enjoy all the latest features and capabilities of ATDI products including 3D radio planning analysis

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